Deanna Thompson is Setting The Industry Standard For Luxury Authenticity and Resale

When we were starting up Style & Give, we spent months setting up a luxury resale online marketplace, but we were pretty clueless what resources were out there. We had no idea that a community platform existed to help luxury resellers succeed in a booming resale industry, where the market is estimated to continue to grow into the billions… until we came across Marque Mentor and recently joined From Beginner to Boss.


If you haven’t heard about Deanna Thompson; her mission, her drive, her knowledge and the several companies she has started that are educating the luxury resale market on every level, then you will after reading this Blog. 


If you are thinking of starting a new luxury resale business or currently have an online resale store (NO MATTER THE SIZE), you will want to join her platform “From Beginner to Boss.”  It is a membership that pays for itself within minutes (or at least ours did). 


We have been given so much information about our industry, access to incredible ecourses, marketing strategies, a direction on website design and redesign, pricing of specific inventory, retrieving new inventory, authenticity, training, tracking down luxury items for clients that we currently don't have in stock, advisors on-hand immediately to help you when you have pending questions about the luxury resale industry and well so much more. 


Yes, believe it!


Deanna Thompson is a powerhouse in the luxury resale industry.

Deanna has personally authored seven authentication books. Yes, I said 7… and if that doesn't make you realize that she is a mega leader in this industry, I have much more.  She has the first and only blog dedicated to the luxury resale industry and is the creator of Closet Full of Cash, Marque Luxury, Marque Mentor, From Beginner to Boss and now has started with partner Graham Wetzbarger (a legend in his own right) AIA  (Authentication Institute of America), which is the first luxury authentication association of its kind in the world.  Deanna also speaks nationally at conferences on authentication and how to start in the luxury resale industry. 


Yes, as I said she is a powerhouse in this industry and not only that….. 


Deanna is dedicated to helping other businesses in the industry succeed along with her. She has personally helped Style and Give on every level, so much so that I cannot recommend her services enough (in all areas) relating to luxury resale education, authentication, marketing, SEO build-up and, well, anything you might question in regards to luxury resale.


If you're out there looking for resources on the luxury resale market, look no further than anything that Deanna Thompson has her hand in because you can believe she has a pulse on the luxury resale authentication ecommerce marketplace and your business will too if you join her online communities. 

 💛 Rachel   

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