Our Favorite Fashion Icons & More [Episode 6]

Our Favorite Fashion Icons & More! 

Rachel and Tera talk about Fashion icons today….

Why are fashion icons important? A fashion icon is an influential person who introduces new styles and often dares to challenge the norm or standard of fashion. Icons have become a part of fashion; their styles are embraced and adopted by many people

  • Top Fashion Icons Today - Who are they?
  • Tera’s Favorites/Rachel’s Favorites 
  • Why do we look at Icons for Style Inspiration?

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Top Fashion Icons Today - Who are they….?

Marilyn Monroe - American Actress, Mode, Singer, Pop Culture Icon and Sex Symbol of the 1950’s

Known for her blonde hair, flawless Make-up and her femininity. She wore a lot of plain blouses, turtlenecks, capri pants, dresses and skirts that showed off her figure. She also wore a lot of ballet flats and high heels.  Marilyn had amazing make-up tricks - Marilyn famously used five lip products to create her signature pout. Using darker colors towards the edges of the lips and lighter colors in the middle created a contoured effect. Then, she’d finish with a bit of white highlight in the middle of the lower lip and a coat of gloss. All together, this clever use of lipstick made her lips look fuller and made her overall makeup even more glamorous…Creating a perfect on camera look takes a lot of detail. So, Marilyn used three different colors of eyeliner to get it just right. For the upper lid and wing, she used black liner. For the lower lash line, she used brown, and in the water line, she used white to make the eyes look even bigger. Marilyn would add a dot of red liner to the inner corner of her eyes. This highlights the eyes and actually makes them look whiter (Article from Besame).

Kim Kardasian wore Marilyn Monroe's dress Ripley's Believe It or Not, a privately owned, for-profit “attractions company,” acquired the gown in 2016 for nearly $5 million, and said the gown was believed to be valued at more than $10 million around the time Kardashian wore it


Grace Kelly -  American actress that won an  Oscar for her role in The Country Girl. In 1956, she married Prince Rainier III and became the Princess of Monaco. Her style is all about class and elegance. If you like the old-money aesthetic, you should take a look at her outfits. She was known for perfectly made dresses, and classy blouses matched with pleated skirts or plain pants. Also, she knew what accessories to choose. She was seen with beautiful pearls, glasses and head scarfs. Her unique style was honored by the luxurious brand HERMÈS , by naming a bag by her name…the kelly bag.


Jane Birkin English actor but in the late 60s, she started playing in French movies and singing, even though she couldn’t speak French at that time! Jane fell in love in France and she lives and creates art there up to now. At the beginning of her international career, she was called scandalous and was banned in some countries, because of her lyrics and her playful sense of fashion. It often consisted of jeans, light dresses and funky blouses and boots, and, of course, her iconic wicker bag that she used to carry around everywhere! She also gave us the iconic HERMÈS Birkin Bag, which is now a status indicator.


Audrey Hepburn - Audrey was a British dancer and actor and then became a huge star after Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Besides doing films she was an activist and model.  She could speak 5 languages. Aubrey’s outfits were simple, playful and elegant at the same time. She wore light sets of blouses and skirts, sweaters in basic colors, simple pants, flared dresses and stylish accessories, such as dark sunglasses, hats and elegant shoes.


Kim Kardashian - Kim was officially declared a Fashion Icon at the annual People's Choice Awards in 2021. She delivered in 2022 with the looks she gave us at Paris Fashion Week, her string of signature second-skin silhouettes, her collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana and her obsession with wearing Balenciaga. Kim does shocking couture ensembles exquisitely on a red carpet and then can turn and dress in a casual style on the street.  I love her brand Skims - I mean the bodysuits and shapewear she has created is incredible.  I also love Khloé Kardashian’s bodysuits from Good American

I feel the Kardashian that my fashion style is most like is Kourtney Kardashian (loved all her wedding Looks wearing Dolce & Gabbana).


Julia Fox - She became known for her amazing performance in Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler- She then dated Kayne West - Julia worked as a dominatrix for a few months, had a clothing company, self-published photography books, modeled for companies like Supreme and magazines such as Vogue Czechoslovakia. Julia is a proud single- mother and a social activist. 

Julia has a unique fashion style that is really original, creative and futuristic. I love that Julia wears leather and latex clothes, denim sets and low-rise pants and skirts. A Lot of Julia Fox’s clothes are thrifted or made by her! She has taken off on Instagram and TikTok on her accounts you can find many DIY and make-up tutorials and style tips.


Zendaya - Disney kid-turned-Euphoria darling Zendaya wears more suits than most guys in this list. And she wears them better too: Fear of God, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Berluti… (Article By GQ)



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Rachel’s Favorites: Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid

Kate Moss - In 1988, when she was coming home from holidays in the Bahamas, she was spotted by a modeling agent at the airport. She was just fourteen when her career took off. Her style was a sexy, rock and roll fashion and it was often described as Heroin Chic. She used to wear a lot of black short dresses, mini skirts, denim pants, furs, leather jackets and high heels and chunky boots. Her fashion has evolved and she does alot of classic pieces “all black”over the knee boots, Flared Pants and Jeans, Boho Dresses.


I became obsessed with collecting vintage Levi's cutoffs and when I went to London would scour the markets and resale shops for them - I also bought a pair of Hunter Rain Boots because she wore some to a festival with cut-offs.  She could wear an orangey red lip like no one. She loved layering band t-shirts over blazers and could layer original pieces like no one I have ever seen.


Bella Hadid -  GQ's Most Stylish Person On The Planet (Article from GQ)

Menswear. Womenswear. Streetwear. Workwear. Smartwear. 

Love the way Bella can put looks together and isn’t afraid to show her midriff or mix patterns and wear 

Hadid does menswear better than most men – and she can still wear everything and anything else. (Article from GQ)   Harper’s Bazaar did an article with over 340 looks from Bella Hadid.  


Gigi Hadid -  Love her looks - layered necklaces - chunky sweater with jeans, monochromatic looks - 

Her style; sexy elegance meets laidback attitude. Again, like her sister Bella she knows how to style her jeans.  She can wear a suit and add accessories that just enhance the look. Her hair is a style icon on its own.  The  warm, golden blonde color and the way she wears it;  slicked back, deep part, center part, in loose waves, a messy bun, ponytail, half up styles or sleek straight. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous.  Harper’s Bazaar did an article with over 380 looks from Gigi Hadid.


Tera’s Favorites: Rachel Zoe, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and Madonna!

RACHEL ZOE:  Rachel Zoe was one of, if not the, first celebrity wardrobe stylist to establish herself as a household name. Rachel is a fashion designer, businesswoman, entrepreneur, author, muse, and an incredible mom who rose to prominence as a celebrity wardrobe stylist. She has been credited with the creation of "the boho-meets-rock chic” look that came to define a new breed of Hollywood ‘it’ girls in the mid-2000s.


KATE MOSS: The ultimate femme fatale, her iconic style has arguably attracted a more passionate following than any other model and fashion icon (Vogue Shoots)  before her, balancing nonchalance and a touch of innocence, with the carefree attitude that has made her one of the most famous models in the world.


CINDY CRAWFORD: There was a time when you couldn't walk by a newsstand without seeing Cindy Crawford's face. Known for her infectious smile and, of course, her signature beauty mark, Cindy Crawford is one of the most instantly-recognizable faces in modeling. Since launching her career in the late 80s, Cindy’s become much more than a supermodel, but a cultural icon and a household name. She’s walked the runways for European houses from Chanel to Versace, all-American brands like Calvin Klein and booked dream campaigns for beauty giants like Revlon and Maybelline. I'll never forget her iconic Pepsi commercial! 


MADONNA: Gosh, I remember getting her record when I was in like 2nd grade. Her vinyl covers bring back so many memories.  She is the fashion queen that boosted the career of many established and upcoming designers. Her style has encompassed everything from androgynous to punk, western, military, and many more looks.


I ask, why do we look at Icons for style Inspo?

“A person that is seen as a representative symbol of fashion or worthy of adoration for their style. They create cultural conversation and have trend worthy appeal!”

First Fashion Icon - Coco Chanel (Powerful Images Link)

Most famous Fashion Icon - Audrey Hepburn (The look from her eyes - wow!)





    We can not miss the Super Bowl 2023 and Recap OUR Favorite moments 

  1. Favorite Commercials - Dunkin Donuts Ben Affleck & JoLo/ Pringles/T-Mobile Bradley Cooper & Mom/ Bud Light Miles Teller - On hold and Dancing 
  2. Chris Stapleton National Anthem and The Ray-ban Clubmaster Sunglasses
  3. Rihanna’s Half Time Show - Fashion/Music/Collaborations  - For her major moment, the 34-year-old superstar rocked a head-to-toe red layered look comprised of a Loewe jumpsuit, Messika jewelry and MM6 Maison Margiela x Salomon Cross High
  4. 12 Songs - B$itch Better Have My Money, Where Have You Been,Only Girl (In The World), We Found Love, Rude Boy,Work, Wild Thoughts, Pour It Up, All of the Lights, Run This Town, Umbrella and Diamonds
  5. Back up dancers - incredible - the spacing and the floating stages
  6. Loved that it was just her and no collabs
  7. .


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