Paris Fashion Week - Pale pink Oversize Embellished Jacket with White Dress

Well, it’s almost Spring!

We have a countdown set to March 19th.

Spring Break is around the corner as well… it’s either you are putting on a bathing suit or a snowsuit. Bahahaha!

With all this spring in the air, one might be looking at what Spring trends and Spring finds are around the corner in 2024.

Well… Welcome back to our style conversation blog where we discuss 

Spring 2024 Fashion Forecast.

Let’s dive into the exciting world of Spring 2024 fashion trends!

From eco-conscious designs to playful animal prints and the resurgence of the statement belt, this season offers an abundance of exciting trends to explore.

Let's get right into it!

Large Valentino Belt

Burgundy, Pale Blue, Electric Colors, and Playful Prints

Get ready to inject some fun into your wardrobe with bold colors and vibrant prints! Spring is all about embracing joyful hues and playful patterns. Think electric blues, but then don’t forget pale blue, peach fuzz, and burgundy is reigning supreme, the color red (of course) paired with eye-catching stripes and botanical prints. It's time to make a statement with your style!

Effortless Silhouettes and Relaxed Fits

Comfort is key for spring 2024, as relaxed silhouettes take center stage. Say goodbye to restrictive clothing and hello to oversized fits, flowy dresses, and laid-back tailoring. Embrace effortless elegance with comfortable yet chic pieces that transition seamlessly from day to night.

Retro Revival

Nostalgia gets a modern twist this season, as retro-inspired styles make a comeback. Channel the spirit of decades past with nods to '70s bohemian vibes, '80s boldness, or '90s minimalism. Mix and match retro elements with contemporary pieces for a fresh take on vintage fashion.

Balletcore Pale Blue Skirt with Sequin and Crystal Embellishments
Animal Print Blazer Jacket with Miu Miu Handbag Belt

Sporty Sophisticated Wear

Athleisure is all around us. However, the preppy way offers stylish yet functional options for everyday wear. Embrace the trend with a sporty polo or a simple button-down shirt. You don’t have to get too dressed up, just think about the phrase “preppy relaxation”.

Sustainable Style

One of the most significant trends we're seeing for spring 2024 is the continued rise of sustainable fashion. With an increased focus on environmental awareness, designers are embracing eco-friendly materials, ethical production practices, and conscious consumption. From recycled fabrics to upcycled vintage pieces, sustainability is shaping the way we dress this season.

Accessories Galore

Pull out your bows and rosette ties because 2024 is gonna get you! The biggest accessory of 2024 is the comeback of the Big Belt.

 Don’t be afraid to wear Animal Print on Animal Print

Animal Print Me Up

This season, don’t forget your animal prints. There is so much to choose from: a silk animal print shirt or skirt even. Don’t forget to grab yourself an animal print slingback or oversized animal print clutch.

Peep-Toe Sandals 

Yes, they're here and it’s not just a peep-toe flat we are seeing this season. It's peep-toe at every corner. Think peep-toe heels, sandals, flats and boots. Oh, and don’t forget the peep-toe clog! Yes,Yes, and Yesss!

Disco Vibes

If you put away your sequined shirt or skirts, get them back out. Think sequin separates, shiny material, metallic embellishments and (wait for it)… leather pants! Oh, my heart just jumped for joy! I love an amazing leather pant.

Elevated Essentials

Embrace effortless chic with an oversized tee paired elegantly with high-waisted jeans. Keep it simple yet stylish for a look that exudes sophistication. This is a look that will have others saying “It’s so simple but overtly polished.”

Sheer Times

I hope you didn’t put the sheer bodysuits up yet because sheer is still in! Layer a sheer dress over a skirt, layer a sheer bodysuit over a blazer, or put on some sheer socks.

Open-Toe Sandals with Leather Bows
Fringe is in - Check out these fringe pants

Bold Linear Patterns

Hence the Stripe, It’s bold and yet is a classic staple. So many different ways to wear a stripe. I’m on the lookout for a striped silk pale blue skirt and a striped cotton preppy shirt for this season.

Rebellious Professional Attire

This sounds a bit rowdy, but think oversized trousers and a blazer nipped in at the waist or belted or a pair of skinny shades. It’s just a bit unexpected and we all need a little bit of that going in the office these days? Am I right?

80’s Baby

Material Girl? Yes! Put that song on and think lace tights, oversize blazers, oversize jackets and some cap-toe slingbacks!


Put on your ruffles, wear light pink or a pale blue, tie a rosette necklace around your neck. Enhance the allure of your beloved romantic dress or flouncy skirt by accessorizing with a floral choker and a charming hair bow. Prepare to bask in a shower of compliments, because in this instance, more truly means more!

Fringe City 

I hope you didn’t put away or sell any of your fringe wear, because it is going strong in 2024. I would pull out any fringe jackets, skirts or shirts. Fringe is looking like you should keep it in your closet for good!

Striped Silk Pants are a great Staple to Add to your wardrobe  2024 Spring

Our  Spring 2024 Fashion Forecast is filled with comfortable options, preppy wear, frills, fringe, burgundy, pale blue, stripes, large belts, and well…some 80’s fashion.

Burberry Button-down with Jeans and a Vintage Saddle Dior Handbag
Sheer Dress with Sequin and Gold Metallic Handbag

I like it!

Until next time, stay stylish!

Happy Shopping!

💛 Rachel 

 Light Blue and red Dress with Pale Pink Furla Handbag
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