Andrea Landa Cabo Style and Give Luxury consignment



Recently I took a weekend trip to Cabo for a Bachelorette Party and spent the day at Flora Farms.  If you haven’t been to Flora Farms you're missing out on something truly special.

 We had a party of 8 and had booked to take the cooking class followed by a delicious catered lunch.  We learned how to make homemade Salsa using grilled vegetables and pineapple and then we were taught how to prepare a delicious Classic Chunky Guacamole followed by my new personal favorite Rosemary Guacamole.


I enjoyed myself so much I nearly forgot about all the amazing shops located right on the Flora Farms property.  You only wish…forget shopping….


I knew I was in a Shoppers Paradise with all the local shops but I had no idea how Eclectic Array would blow my mind not only with the beautiful eclectic items but with the story of how those items were made and who was making them… with the owner Faryn Clarks mantra “Let’s change the artisan at time” - I was hooked! 



I ended up picking up a necklace or what I thought was solely a necklace.. but… leather necklaces are never just what they seem.  Are they? I was told about Andrea Landa, a Colombian Artisan that makes the most beautiful leather pieces. At least 4 artisans touch your piece. I mean pure beauty at its VERY best!  You can see I purchased the leather necklace but as the sales associate so graciously informed me…you can wear it as a belt…and that is exactly what I did!  I also picked up a beautiful ring and an amazing ivory linen 2 piece number…(more about that in a minute). 



The associate said it was known as the “cinderella outfit” many shoppers tried it on but they didn't have the perfect cinderella fit. 

 I went back to the bar…had a special cocktail (see cocktail picture) and then thought…

Why not go try on the Cinderella 2 piece set? I took myself back after the delicious spicy margarita and what do you know it FIT!

Long story short…shop local…shop global and shop repurposeful.  You never know when you will choose to turn your necklace into a belt!