A Statement coat or sweater will immediately up your style game



What is it… day 15 of 2024…?

We are only two weeks in, and I can feel that I am NOT doing enough and my closet is not motivating me! 

Have you ever experienced those moments when your wardrobe seems trapped in a style standoff, leaving you standing, pondering, "What fabulous ensemble shall grace my presence today?" 

Oh yes, we've all been entangled in that fashion maze! 

But fret not! For reigniting your style prowess involves tapping into that inner flair and allowing your creative sartorial spirit to soar.

Use a high waisted pant with a cropped sweater and an oversize long coat in similar colors to elevate your style
Add an all black monochromatic look - It never goes out of Style

Let's dive into some fashion-fueled tips to get your style motivation soaring:



Trend Exploration: Peek and Pick

Keeping up with trends can be a blast! But here's the catch—don’t feel pressured to follow every trend. Instead, sift through and adopt what resonates with your vibe. Maybe it's those funky tie-dye tees or the timeless elegance of midi dresses. Explore, embrace, and make it your own.

Mix It Up: Play It-Up

Who said you have to stick to the same ol’ combos? Dive into your wardrobe like it's a treasure trove. Mix and match different pieces. Pair that quirky top with those classic jeans or layer up in unexpected ways. It’s all about experimenting until you find that "aha!" moment.

Mixing Colors works
Add Metallic Accessories to make an all black ensemble new again.

Seek Style Vibes: Inspiration Hunt

Where do you find your style inspo? Well, inspiration is everywhere! Scroll through Insta for fashion blogger musings, flip through glossy magazines, or simply take a stroll outdoors. Nature, art, people-watching—inspiration can strike from the most unexpected corners.

Bling it On: Accessorize Galore

Ever noticed how a stunning accessory can transform an outfit? Dive into your treasure trove of accessories. Add that statement necklace, bold scarf, or playful hat. Accessories aren't just extras—they’re the missing pieces that bring your ensemble to life!

Own It: Confidence is Couture

You know what’s the most fabulous accessory? Confidence! When you rock your style with confidence, it's like a magnetic force that turns heads. Remember, your style is your canvas, so paint it boldly!

Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors
Mix it up with a Statement Boot

Closet TLC: Declutter, Shine & Spark Joy

Let's Marie Kondo that closet! Regular decluttering and organizing sprees can work wonders. It's like rediscovering hidden gems while bidding farewell to what no longer vibes with you. An organized closet means smoother styling mornings! 

Define Your Style: Be Unapologetically You

In the end, your style is your signature. Whether you're into vintage vibes, minimalist chic, or vibrant boho, embrace it. Be true to what makes you feel fabulous because authenticity is the key to unlocking your style potential.

Use color through the use of hose or skirts to make an outfit pop
Do Denim on Denim
Wear a sticking coat with a monochromatic look

Feeling the style sparks yet?


Your fashion journey is all about self-expression, exploration, and celebrating your uniqueness. So, go ahead, let your style imagination run wild!

Here's to reenergizing your wardrobe one outfit at a time in 2024.


Wear a cool unexpected boot with a long skirt
Put a huge oversize sweater over a dress and throw on some cowboy boots with a neon bag - Get creative with your style