Fashion Influencers & The Creative Spirit
So, I have to admit that I got off social media altogether for a couple years. I was reluctant to get back on, but when I started Style & Give, I knew it was time. To be honest, I have no idea how I stayed up to date with the current culture by just reading my monthly style, leisure, travel, arts and entertainment magazines, skimming the web and watching Daily Pop (my guilty pleasure that just got canceled. Ugh!).
NOTE:  Style & Give is not endorsed nor affiliated with any influencers, brands or charities listed.

As I have been more present on social media platforms for the past year, I find myself checking up on the yearly lists of who are considered to be the top fashion influencers, making sure I check out their content. I gotta say, the content being put out by these individuals I believe is quite engaging! I highly enjoy the creative originality that has been displayed. I am constantly looking for new ideas on how to wear the pieces I have in my closet and ideas for the clothes I have yet to purchase (HAHA). 


For years, I would make mood boards with my favorite trending fashions, new hair color ideas, different patterns I liked, a new couch I wanted to save up for, a piece of jewelry I wanted to specifically purchase that year, a vacation destination I was dying to go to and, well, what each season looked like for me! I was always trying to discover what my new self would look like and all the fabulous “things” that could make me feel special.


Hilarious, right? 


Well maybe not… I think we are all looking to better ourselves or just be creative. After all, over half the items I put up were never purchased, never even attempting to find a few of them. Yet, I enjoyed every minute of it!  Maybe it was the creative dream I was really pursuing and not the actual ideal or purchase.  Let’s go with that…

So without further adieu!

A few top fashion influencers you should check out (if you haven’t already) and a few that were left off the list that I absolutely love and you might too!

(Oh, and one last thing! Being creative and nurturing your creativity is imperative to your soul, so don’t let it be something you forget to reveal daily!)

Okay, so go get on your phones and look up these amazing influencers to hopefully spark some creativity!













































    Style & Give is not endorsed nor affiliated with any influencers, brands or charities listed.