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Luxury Consignment: A Sus·tain·a·bil·i·ty & Phi·lan·thro·py Company

We are here to make selling and buying with Style and Give a delightful experience.

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Style and Give LLC.

100 E. Kansas St.

Suite H253

Lansing KS 66043

We want you to have a delightful shopping experience! Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

Everyone loves to see LNWT listed…right? These are like new items, with the tags still on that are for sale. Do you have anything in your closet that has been just hanging there with the tags on? If you're ready to clean out your closet - LNWT really appeals to buyers. Let us help you resale and give!

We currently accept Women’s and Men’s fashions, handbags, accessories, jewelry, watches and shoes. We are constantly adding new categories. We ask that items be clean and odor free, in good condition with no rips, stains or tears. Thank you for trusting us - let’s work together to Style and Give!

  • Review some of the top Luxury Brands
  • Learn how to check your product for “quality”

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the item(s) you wish to sell/donate.

  • Please visit our Commission Chart page to learn more.
  • We would love to speak to you directly, please feel free to call us at 831-687-8953 or email us at - We are so grateful to have your interest, let us get you started!

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    • Complete the free Charity Membership and we can discuss the options to communicate with your community and integrate with your website.
    • Share with your network the Style and Give Sell/Donate membership

    We do not accept organizations without a 501c3. Examples of organizations we cannot accept are political or private projects. Please check Charity Navigator or contact your charity if you have questions about their 501c3 status.

    As directed by the Style and Give Seller, we will send 5% of the final sale price plus any additional percented from the seller's commission. The seller has full discretion of the charity selection and percentage of their commission donated.

    Why 5%: The number 5 symbolizes commitment, stability and change.

    We have included a link to the charity in every product description.

    We will provide proof of the donation via email. It will include: Date, Donor's Name (You), Charity EIN, and Payment Method.

    Style and Give provides options to receive your commission. Please review the Seller/donate page for full details.

    • Style and Give gift card
    • Check mailed on the 10th of each month
    • Please Contact Us with questions regarding ACH or other electronic payments.

    Style and Give is always looking to find the best value and secure shipping option for your product.

    Shipping cost is paid by the buyer at the time of purchase. Unless, provided a coupon or promotion.

    Style and Give 100% guarantees our items are authentic. Each piece is thoughtfully processed by our staff and the condition, quality, fabric and style of each item is inspected carefully before being accepted. Style and Give reserves the right to use Entrupy or other certified authenticators for added insurance of our luxury items.

    You can change payment preference on the Seller/Donor Style and Give “Product Tracking Page”.

    Login to the Style and Give account and select “Personal Details”