The Rule Is Buy Authentic

Okay…You're shopping and you see a luxury handbag you absolutely love! You look at all the pictures and zoom in on all views.  It looks authentic…but is it?


Trusting sites when you buy luxury items can be worrisome (if you have ever had a bad experience..worrisome is not the word).  Buying authentic luxury items from a website that 100% guarantees authenticity is the main goal.  Many Luxury resale sites make use of third party Authentication Companies in addition to having their own in-house authenticators. 


Here at Style and Give we refer to Entrupy and Fashion Detective if we feel an item needs added verification.  Style and Give also guarantees our luxury items are 100% Authentic.

The rule is to buy and sell authentic…right?  We are in the business of making that happen. 

Let’s take the worry out of buying a luxury item and buy/sell or donate on Style and Give.


We are excited to earn your trust!  





Read our blog where we share more about our time with Deanna Thompson and what led to the following interview. 


Deanna Thompson - Co-Founder, Authentication Institute of America ( AIA  ).  The first luxury authentication association of its kind in the world.  Deanna also speaks nationally at conferences on authentication and how to start in the luxury resale industry.  



~The Style and Give Team 




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