Building Trust
Do you trust me?

This is a phrase that really makes you think, right?  I mean, buyers on Poshmark ask themselves this question all the time!  When you do just about anything these days with someone new, you ask yourself this question.  Do you trust the person who is selling you the item?  Is the description and pictures of the item accurate?  Do you believe they will actually ship the item?  How long will it take for them to ship the item?


Most shoppers are buying something they need to purchase, such an item they are planning on wearing to an event or outing.  We want to feel safe and able to purchase things that are described correctly (measurements, size, condition, etc) and have it arrive as described!


Am I Right?  Yes, I am!


When I was buying on Poshmark I would make sure I checked comments from buyers to the sellers, check the average sellers ship time, see if the seller was a Poshmark Ambassador, and, if they aren't, check how many items they’ve sold and their star status.


In the resale industry, trust is a must.  It is what separates you from the rest.  With trust you need experience.  Trusting a Doctor is great but you want to know the trust comes with EXPERIENCE as well.



When you send in items to sell with a consignment resale site you also need this reassurance. I mean, you are now not in control of your item.  You want a company that will get fair market value for your items or more and also you don’t want to hassle with selling it yourself and haggling with sellers over what they are willing to pay or not pay.


That is where we come in!  We make buying from us safe and selling with us easy.  We want to earn your trust and we want you to work with us long term.  If you're wanting to sell with us, simply print out our Sell/Donate Form, throw your items in a box and ship them to us.  If your items have a value over $250 Contact Us directly and we will make sure we get a shipping label to you that reflects the insurance needed to cover your items.  


There have been times in my life where I needed to sell things quickly.  I mean, I was desperate.  If you're having a hard time and you need to sell things fast we have a program that we can help you get a higher commission.  Please, don’t hesitate to contact us!


We are community driven and believe we can help change the way resale thinks in regards to helping individuals and helping charities. 


Let us earn your trust and build something to impact our world!!



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